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Cleaning supplies


Cleaning supplies by Crimson Carpet and Flooring

You’ve made a huge investment in your home by choosing a flooring that complements your home and your lifestyle in ways that are both beautiful and practical. It’s the flooring of your dreams, and your home looks better than ever thanks to its addition. Wouldn’t it be a shame if six months from now, the dirt and stains from every day incidents had reduced your beautiful investment to a soiled, dingy disgrace?

Just like anything else in your home, your floors need to be cleaned regularly to keep them looking their best and lasting for as long as possible. That’s why Crimson Carpet offers floor cleaner for almost every flooring material imaginable, from carpet, to tile, to hardwood, and everything in between. Different types of flooring require different cleaning agents, and at Crimson Carpet, we take pride in offering you exactly what you need to perform routine cleaning and maintenance on your floors. Our cleaners are not only of the absolute highest quality, they’re also specialized for each type of flooring. We offer hardwood cleaner, tile cleaner, and many other cleaners, all unique to the needs of your floor. Contact us for a FREE consultation.
Cleaning Supplies in Tuscaloosa, AL at Crimson Carpet & Flooring
Keeping your floors clean not only ensures their beauty, but also their longevity. Small dirt and soil particles can scrape against the surface of your hardwood or tile, destroying its shine and, depending on how bad the damage is, making them more susceptible to moisture damage. Similar particles can break down the fibers in your carpets, causing them to look thin and worn as well as stained. We offer floor cleaners that can prevent this damage with regular use, and keep your floors looking as wonderful as the day that you first installed them. To find the perfect cleaner to keep your floors looking brilliant, head on down to Crimson Carpet. We have the cleaner that you need. For Store Location and Hours